“Chef, ich geh’ heute Müll sammeln”

Wie Klimaschutz und IT zusammenpassen? Das Tech-Unternehmen Emakina CEE auf der Wieden macht’s vor.

Ethical design: how to design the right thing, responsibly

What are the first things that come to mind when you think about design? Do you tend to associate design with impressive architecture, trendy chairs, and shiny graphic interfaces? What if we are all designers – and that includes you?  Wait – we are all designers?  Yes, that’s right. No matter what you do exactly, you are contributing to the creation of something, at […]

The COVID revolution of omnichannel commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the digital transformation of our societies. Remote work and schooling have led to an explosion in tablet and laptop sales, and consumers have strengthened their digital umbilical cord by adapting internet and mobile subscriptions to their voracious data consumption. This creates an opportunity for brands to upgrade their user experience. Now’s the time to convince latecomers to urgently open online boutiques. Many shopping centres and retailers are still looking for a place under the digital sun. And yet, there are now more solutions than ever…

Emakina Holiday Talks 2020

Wir mussten dieses Jahr so einiges umplanen, wie viele andere Unternehmen auch: keine Konferenzen, neue Eventformate, weitere Webinare. Daher war es leider früh klar, dass unsere interne Weihnachtsfeier nicht wie auf diesem Foto des letzten Jahres stattfinden kann. Alternative Event-Formate So gerne wir unsere KollegInnen von Emakina.HR und Emakina.PL heuer erneut persönlich gesehen hätten – […]

Emakina und Akeneo erweitern Partnerschaft weltweit

Emakinas internationales Netzwerk aus Technologiepartnern ist vielfältig und wächst stetig weiter. Mit unserem neuesten Partner Akeneo, Experte im Product Experience Management, haben wir bereits erfolgreiche Projekte im Nahen Osten umgesetzt und werden in Zukunft weltweit enger zusammenarbeiten. Marktführer im Product Experience Management Akeneo ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Product Experience Management (PXM)-Lösungen, die Händlern […]

5 Fragen an… Praktikant Samuel

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Praktikant und Medientechnik-Student Samuel David Beer fünf spannende Fragen. English version below 1. In welchem Bereich absolvierst du dein Praktikum bei Emakina und was sind deine Aufgaben? Mein Praktikum absolviere ich […]

Emakina Digital Expert Days 2020

9 Talks & Webinare, 14 Speaker – das war unser erstes Online-Event, die Digital Expert Days 2020. Zwei Tage voller abwechslungsreicher Online-Sessions, tiefgehender Insights und spannender Fragen unseres Publikums im Chat. Online & Offline aus dem Wiener Musikverein Dienstag um 10 Uhr hieß es für unsere Speaker und Moderatoren: Kick-off zum Business-Brunch! Zum Start in […]

5 Fragen an … Debabrata Sen

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vor den Vorhang holen. Dieses Mal beantwortet CRM-Consultant Debabrata Sen fünf Fragen. 1. Wie lange bist du schon bei Emakina und was genau ist dein Job? Ich arbeite seit ungefähr 15 Monaten bei Emakina. Als […]

10 praktische Microsoft Teams-Features

In den letzten Wochen schnellten die Nutzerzahlen für Microsoft Teams in die Höhe. Im November ’19 waren es noch 20 Millionen Daily Active Users, Mitte März dieses Jahres bereits 44 Millionen. Viele Unternehmen verwenden die Software zur Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation in Zeiten des Homeoffice umso intensiver. Microsoft Teams gibt es bereits seit drei Jahren, dabei wurde […]

5 Fragen an… Quality Manager Lorian

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal stellen wir Quality Manager Lorian Bosiok fünf Fragen. English version below 1. Wie viele Websites hast du in deiner Laufbahn bereits entwickelt? Entwickelt? Du meinst wohl eher zerstört 😃 Bisher mehr als […]

Catch The Marketing Soundwave: From Noise To Voice

Voice is becoming a reality on the same level as social, mobile and web. This means it is necessary for marketers to jump in now. Smart speakers and voice apps keep gaining ground. 60% of smartphone users have tried voice search at least once in the past 12 months. And 55% of teenagers use voice search every day. The consumers in the US and China are leading the way, with the UK and other European markets following.

Salesforce Certification Sprint: Graduation Day at Emakina

Emakina’s 2020 Marketing Automation roadmap kicked off today with a Salesforce Certification sprint: 13 Emakinians just graduated as Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Consultant, and Marketing Cloud Developer. Marketing Automation is a key element for adding value to and boosting the growth of our clients’ business, and this wave of certifications will further strengthen Emakina’s expertise in the matter.

Emakina Inside podcast #2: Neobanks

Neo-banks and their applications are so far ahead in terms of user experience, ergonomics and functionality that it is surprising that they have not yet become industry standards. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of FinTechs that that captured Brice’s attention, with Emakina.BE Technical Consultant Noé Lebrun as guest speaker.

Does work have a future?

“Workers of the world…” Will this classic opening of Marxist-inspired political discourses soon be obsolete? Whatever the politics, the facts are there: rampant robotisation and advances in artificial intelligence have already begun to shake up the way we think about work. It won’t be long before this transformation will have progressed so far that the need to fundamentally reinvent our relationship to employment will be inevitable. So what is the future of work? Let’s start by asking ourselves if “work” has a future at all…

Emakina Inside, a podcast about tech that improves our lives

Twice a month, Faskil and Emakina CEO/CVO Brice Le Blévennec discuss a facet of daily life, personal or professional, that we want to see radically improved. And you can hear their discussions in our new podcast series, Emakina Inside.

Dad’s banks challenged by neo-banks

Digital competitors are emerging in the financial sector with mobile apps attracting users. While we are not about to see Dad’s generation of banks collapse, it is in their best interests to learn what appeals to users most about these new digital banks and their efficient and creative apps.

How Alibaba and Mr. Porter sell luxury watches

The SIHH Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva is the annual pow wow of exclusive watches. The dust of the event has long settled, but we take a moment to look back at some ideas Toby Bateman, MD of Luxury platform Mr. Porter and Terry von Bibra, GM Europe of Alibaba Group, shared […]

Forget Tech Features: Marketing Automation is All About Strategy

Marketing automation is a fantastic concept that can give businesses a serious competitive edge by connecting with their users in a personal way, and thus learning about what the consumers expect from their favourite brands. Kenny Van Beeck has been providing Emakina’s clients with his CRM & marketing automation expertise for many years, and belongs to the Belgian generation of pioneers in the field, with over 20 years of experience with all the big players. So, we decided to ask him a few questions about how brands can optimise their marketing automation strategies…

Emakina Strategy Wins Lindemans Gold in Cannes

The winners of the 9th edition of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards have been announced last month, and Emakina has contributed greatly to Lindemans’ golden trophy in the category ‘Visitor Films’. Co-produced by production studio Lapino Albino, the film was the result of Emakina’s strategy, concept, and coaching of their beloved brewing client.  […]

“Hey, Dad… What’s an Ad?”

The question that my sons would ask me if they were not the progeny of an advertising 2.0 executive will undoubtedly face young fathers elsewhere soon. Just as previous generations asked “what’s a cheque?” “what’s a walkman?” or even “what’s full employment?” Do they know about toilet paper? Oh, great, phew! That would have been […]

More Than Digital Day 2018

The Reference will be the main sponsor of More Than Digital Day 2018! The fourth edition of this conference about all things digital will take place on the 4th of October 2018 at Quartier Papier in Zaventem. This will be the place to be for folks who want to know about the latest trends and […]

WittyCommerce Joins the Emakina Group

This new acquisition allows Emakina to further strengthen its position in Turkey:  digital agency WittyCommerce, based in Izmir and Istanbul, is an e-commerce expert with an excellent track record in engineering solutions and IT services. Emakina Group has acquired 100% of the shares of WittyCommerce, through its Turkish subsidiary Emakina.TR, located in Izmir. WittyCommerce already […]

Making a Splash in the Sailing Industry for Sailsense Analytics

Hitting deadlines faster than a speedboat, Emakina worked its magic for recent startup Sailsense Analytics. The innovative company is bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to boat owners, renters and insurers. Founded by two passionate seafarers with a knowledge of analytics technology, Sailsense is bringing the nautical sector into the 21st century and the era […]

‘Our Cryptocurrency Mining Policy: Free Content, No Ads!’

There has been a lot of change in the world of online advertising in the last few months: some agencies might be screaming about the injustice of a universe that doesn’t care enough about their business plans (should it?), but others see it as an opportunity to revolutionise the way websites make money from the […]

Digital Proust Questionnaire #11: Pierre Pôlet

Emakina Group has rapidly grown in recent years, in part thanks to our managing directors leading the way. But who are these MDs, besides leaders in digital, creative and business growth? Let’s sneak a peak inside their heads with this new series: Emakina’s Digital Proust questionnaires! The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlour game […]

NFTs from an Artist’s Perspective: the end of art as we know it?

Steve Munro shares his experience with NFTs.

Google I/O: a step towards better privacy?

Last week, announcements at the annual Google I/O conference caused quite a stir in the digital sphere. Among the new apps, features and other updates, there was one key piece of information that echoed an announcement from two years ago. The way we deal with user data will completely change in the coming months: third […]

Key takeaways from Google I/O 2021

The conference started with a performance from the amazing Tune-Yards alongside the AI-powered choir Blob Opera. The rest of Google I/O 2021 focused on AI, CSR, AR features and commerce. We’ll go through all the key takeaways and features to come in the following weeks and months. Real-time AR navigation via Google Maps A big part of […]

Les cookies sont cuits. Bienvenue dans l’économie de la confiance.

À l’écoute du bruit ambiant, vous avez retenu que vous devez impérativement vous débarrasser de vos cookies. Pas les gâteaux, mais les fichiers que vous déposez de manière insouciante sur le device de vos utilisateurs. “Les cookies, c’est mal” : voilà ce que vous avez compris, doublé de la rumeur selon laquelle “le carnet de […]

Designing an experience for your entire ecosystem

Earlier this year, Emakina launched a DXD team to enhance our user-centric approach. Service design is a big part of the team’s offering. They create digital solutions that bring happiness to your user, and they also help your organisation to carry out this change. As today is Service Design Day, we grab the opportunity to […]

5 Fragen an… Praktikantin Antonia

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Expertinnen und Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Praktikantin Antonia Langer fünf spannende Fragen.

5 Fragen an… Praktikant Martin

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Expertinnen und Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Praktikant Martin Pach, der an der FH Oberösterreich studierte, fünf spannende Fragen. 1. Wie lange bist du schon Teil von Emakina und was genau sind deine Aufgaben? Ich […]

Will the office of the future fit on the tip of our nose?

One of the main benefits coming out of the 2020 annus horribilis is technology’s impact on the future of office work. Remote working could just become the norm in sectors where it is feasible. In 2019, 22% of Belgian workers were already regularly working remotely (compared to 5% in the EU). These numbers will certainly rise drastically in the (very near) future. Giants of the web, with Facebook in the lead, seem confident that tomorrow’s office will be virtual.

How e-Commerce Empowers Your B2B Business

These last few years, the future of B2B has been greatly influenced by the rise of e-commerce: the proliferation of B2B e-commerce platforms, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, has been spectacular. Based on a recent study published by McKinsey & Co, digital interactions are now twice as important to B2B customers as they were before the pandemic. Here’s how your business can make the best of it.

5 Fragen an… Praktikant Florian

English version below Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Praktikant Florian Schmidt fünf spannende Fragen. 1. In welchem Bereich absolvierst du dein Praktikum bei Emakina und was sind deine Aufgaben? Ich mache mein Praktikum im Web Development […]

Extra Q&A Session with Brian Solis

Brian Solis came back to answer a few extra questions about the future of business in a post-Covid world. How can innovation boost businesses through this crisis? The business world is being changed and companies must already adapt to the upcoming post-COVID19 world.

Emakina bei Hitradio Ö3 – Da geht was!

Viele Unternehmen fassen langsam wieder Mut. Einige davon sind sogar aktiv auf der Suche nach neuen TeamkollegInnen. Um Arbeitsuchende und Unternehmen zusammenzubringen, hat Hitradio Ö3 die Sondersendung Hier geht was! ins Leben gerufen. Das geht bei Emakina Am 6. und 7. Juni werden ab 9 Uhr täglich zehn Stunden lang Unternehmen vorgestellt, die trotz Krise offene Stellen […]

8 Buchtipps von Emakinas Marketing-Experts

Ob E-Book oder Hardcover, ob vorlesen oder selbst lesen, ob schreiben oder interpretieren – Bücher gibt es für jede Altersgruppe und jedes Interessensgebiet. Deshalb gibt es den jährlichen World Book Day, der uns daran erinnert, dass Literatur Inspiration und Kreativität beflügelt und den Horizont erweitert. So geht es auch unseren Kollegen bei Emakina. Sie nutzen […]

5 Fragen an… Chief People Officer Heike

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Chief People Officer Heike Huhn fünf spannende Fragen. English version below. 1. Wie lange bist du schon bei Emakina und was genau sind deine Aufgaben? Ich bin seit April 2019 bei […]

2010-2019: ten years of tech innovations

Since the turn of the century, technological advances have multiplied exponentially from year to year. So, as we head into 2020, let’s stop for a moment to measure how far we’ve come since 2010 in terms of technology. Here is a selection of 10 inventions that have changed our lives, both on a personal and professional level.

Marktplätze erobern B2B

Werfen Sie mit uns einen Blick in die Zukunft des B2B E-Commerce. Die jüngsten Erfolge der B2B-Marktplätze rufen dazu auf, jetzt zu handeln, erklärt Emakinas B2B-Experte Kees de Koning. B2B-Unternehmen brauchen eine digitale 360°-Sicht auf ihre gesamte Organisation. Das ist prinzipiell nichts Neues. Dazu kommt aber, dass sich Technologien aktuell schneller entwickeln als Unternehmen mithalten können. […]

What happened at CREA Digital Day 2020

Every year, CREA Digital Day, co-organized with Emakina, gathers industry professionals, students, marketing experts, media specialists and communication enthusiasts in Geneva to celebrate creativity and technology. We attended the conference to offer you this summary of some of the fascinating presentations that unveiled current and future digital trends affecting our daily lives. Watch the full […]

Von alten Firmenhandys zum Auffangnetz für Familien in Not

Unsere ausgedienten Firmenhandys sehnen sich nach einer sinnvollen Aufgabe. Diesen Wunsch haben wir erfüllt und etwa 40 Geräte für den guten Zweck in Ö3-Wundertüten verpackt und gespendet. Warum spenden wir eigentlich Smartphones? Emakina benötigt verschiedene Smartphones und Tablets, um die Ergebnisse unserer Arbeit, zum Beispiel Websites und Anwendungen zu testen: Sind alle Funktionen einer Website in unterschiedlichen […]

HackYourFuture students get a taste of Emakina agency life

Emakina welcomed a motivated group of 8 aspiring student developers to its Brussels office. Visits like this are not so exceptional at the digital agency. But this one was different nevertheless, because it was part of the HackYourFuture digital skills program. This excellent initiative helps motivated people with limited access to opportunities so they can […]

Is Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra good news?

On June 18th, Facebook announced the creation of Libra, the cryptocurrency sponsored by the social networking giant. Along with the announcement came plenty of promises, such as offering everyone – including the least developed countries – access to the financial system. Is this a pipe dream or is it possible? As things stand, it’s hard not to be cynical about Mark Zuckerberg’s holier-than-thou pledges. So far, Facebook hasn’t shown much sincerity or transparency in how it operates. Meanwhile, financial experts are concerned that there are numerous technical and political risks associated with any failures. So let’s take stock.

Young Talents Meet Top Professionals at Emakina Experience 2019

At Emakina Experience, 75 digital and creative talents exchanged ideas and dreams with Emakina’s management and experienced consultants. Emakinians hosted talks introducing multiple areas of expertise at the agency. The choice was broad, from ecommerce, marketing and automation, to creativity, design sprints, mixed reality, and more. As a bonus, experts shared advise on optimizing CVs and portfolios.

Stadia: the First Step Towards Realistic Virtual Universes?

Could it be that the upcoming arrival of Stadia, Google’s new video game streaming platform, is the first step towards an authentic cyberspace universe? Everything leads us to believe so…

When Science Catches up with Sci-Fi

They say the art of writing is to make readers think, as well as entertaining them. Sci-fi authors go even further and inspire their fans to create. To the point where some fans opt for careers in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) so they can turn their favourite authors’ inventions into reality.

What We Learned and Shared at the Drupal Europe Event

Last month, two Emakinians were present at the biggest European Drupal event of the year, aka Drupal Europe, in Darmstadt (Germany) to meet and exchange with members of the Drupal community. Jeroen Meeus (Tech Lead PHP) and Klaas Van den Brande (Product Owner) represented Emakina, and gave a presentation about a project where a Headless […]

Educode, Brussels’ Digital Education Symposium

This morning began the first edition of Educode, a three-day long symposium centred around educating and informing all education stakeholders about the digital transformation’s many challenges. Teachers, students and their parents, speakers from all horizons and domains of expertise, researchers, and many more will meet and exchange – and Emakina could not miss the opportunity […]

7 Growth Hacking Tips for Your Ecommerce!

Growth hacking is all about finding the fastest and best ways to acquire and retain customers – in a highly cost-effective way, of course! Growth hacking is thus logically gaining momentum, especially in ecommerce. And because we are nice people, we wanted to give you 7 easy to implement growth hacking tips other ecommerce companies […]

Welcome to the Age of Augmented Intelligence

If you believe what you read in endless articles by self-proclaimed experts on tomorrow’s world, artificial intelligence and big data will soon order every aspect of our lives. This will either be the salvation of the human race, or its downfall. Don’t look to me to relativise the importance of AI and big data in […]

Bruno Liesse joins Emakina / Insights & Consulting

Former head of Carat and deepblue Bruno Liesse left his functions last January, leaving his future intentions open. But now his course is set: he joins Emakina / Insights & Consulting, as Senior Consultant. His new function takes himin a new direction, away from the typical media topics and his responsibilities at Carat, carrying him […]

Emakina & Jaeger-LeCoultre Win ‘Best of Web’ Innovation Award

Emakina and luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre took home the prestigious ‘2017 Best of Web’ Innovation Award with the ‘On Your Wrist’ AR project. The jury presented Emakina the famous innovation Cube during a gala event in Lausanne. It praised the link between physical and digital as a means to bring an exciting new experience to life that […]

Will Blockchain Technology Save the World?

The Internet is a fantastic protocol that has lead the way to the advent of the Web, emails, mobile applications, etc. But a new platform is rising! Blockchain technology, better known as the technology behind the digital currency that has been making the news for a few months: the bitcoin. Not only are bitcoins and […]

Apple WWDC: Reshaping privacy

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) strikes again with exciting new announcements. Tim Cook kicked things off in front of a frenzied crowd of memojis, then gave the floor to Apple Managers who rolled out the red carpet to mind blowing announcements. Among the new functionalities and updates on iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch, we […]

Clubhouse: must-have social media app or all hype?

Clubhouse is the invitation-only platform that everyone’s been talking about for over a year. But what is it exactly? Is all the fuss really justified or will it end up in the hype graveyard? Let’s take a deeper look.

Recharge Week: mental health and wellbeing at Emakina

Taking care of each other is on the top priority list for Emakinians. It has been embedded in our culture for quite a long time, so it was natural for us to focus on a Mental Health and well-being strategy for the whole company since the pandemic started.  You probably agree with us that Mental […]

Ein PC kann viel bewirken

Einige Haushalte konnten sich bisher einen Computer teilen, doch in Zeiten von Homeoffice und Homeschooling gestaltet sich das schon weitaus schwieriger. Für eine Neuanschaffung fehlt oft das Geld. Wie können wir helfen?

Webinar on demand: How to Lead in B2B eCommerce – Salesforce & Emakina

Implementieren Sie die richtigen Technologien, um Kosten zu senken und Wachstum zu fördern.

Emakina feiert 20. Geburtstag

Emakina Group feiert ihren 20. Geburtstag: Die Group mit Wurzeln in Brüssel und Niederlassungen in 17 Ländern entstand am 1. April 2001 aus der Fusion der von Denis Steisel gegründeten Digitalberatung Emalaya und Ex Machina, der Idee von Brice Le Blévennec. Der 23-jährige Brice hatte seine Web-Agentur bereits 1991, also ein Jahrzehnt zuvor, als Unternehmen […]

Will Covid-19 durably transform the way we work?

At the end of 2019, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) were still fairly niche technologies. Even in video games, immersive worlds were not succeeding in enticing the general public, despite the release of major titles dedicated to these platforms, such as Half-Life: Alyx and the hugely popular Pokemon Go. But since the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, which could impact us for quite a while, things have been evolving. We can now expect an increase in the practical applications of AR and VR in our daily lives, on both personal and professional levels. This is exciting news — which we desperately need in these troubled times.

Emakina im Agency Log: Die Moderatoren der Digitalen Disruption

Welche neuen digitalen Konzepte sind durch die Corona-Pandemie entstanden? Welche Potenziale bietet Omnichannel-Commerce? Diese und weitere Themen durften wir im Online-Format von medianet diskutieren: Im Agency Log, dem Logbuch der Agenturszene. Emakina CEE-Geschäftsführer Rainer Friedl besuchte das medianet TV-Studio in Wien und hat sich mit Herausgeber Chris Radda über unser Business, den Markt und Entwicklungen […]

Why a B2B e-Commerce is not Optional Anymore

According to a Forrester Research report, the B2B e-commerce industry is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, accounting for 17% of total B2B sales. Seizing such an opportunity has never been more advisable. Let’s explore the evolving B2B buying behaviours, the challenges B2B companies face, and the reasons why you really need to dive […]

DAM – Nur eine Abkürzung oder unverzichtbares Tool?

In Zeiten von Social Media und Marketing Automation brauchen wir tagtäglich Bilder, Logos und Schriftarten unserer Marken, am besten sofort. Kreativteams sind also ständig auf der Suche nach den richtigen Assets für ihren Content. Sie investieren viel Zeit und Kreativität, um Marketingmaterialien zu designen und zu produzieren. Digital Asset Management-Software (DAM) ist das passende Tool, […]

5 Fragen an… Praktikantin Anna

English version below Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Projekt von Emakina stehen Experten, die dieses verwirklicht haben. Deshalb möchten wir in dieser Blog-Serie unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen vorstellen. Dieses Mal beantwortet Praktikantin Anna Freund fünf spannende Fragen – plus einer Zusatzfrage. “Drink some coffee, put on some Gangster Rap and just handle it.” 1. In welchem Bereich absolvierst du […]

You don’t have to choose between DIY or outsourcing for your next digital project. Here’s why.

You don’t have to choose between DIY or outsourcing for your next digital project. Here’s why. Making choices is usually difficult, making the right choice is always hard. And that is especially true for projects with strategic value for your brand or organization. Let’s imagine that your company needs a new digital platform, that should […]

Jetzt erst recht Digitalisierung! – MCÖ Homeoffice Talks #2

Die üblicherweise gut besuchten Veranstaltungen des Marketing Club Österreich wurden aufgrund der neuen Umstände in ein Online-Format umgewandelt. Die neue Serie heißt Homeoffice Talks und findet jeden Montagabend online statt. Vergangenen Montag sprach Maximilian Mondel (Geschäftsführer MOMENTUM Wien/JETZT Konferenzen) mit vier Marketing-Entscheidernüber aktuelle Herausforderungen ihrer Unternehmen unter Einfluss der Corona-Krise. Die Teilnehmer der digitalen Podiumsdiskussion sind aus unterschiedlichen Branchen: Michael […]

Warum Salesforce wählen?

Als Berater und Umsetzer ist es für uns wichtig, die Unternehmenskultur und Ziele unserer Kunden kennen zu lernen. Nach einer Bestandsaufnahme erarbeiten wir in gemeinsamen Workshops Ziele, neue Prozesse und gewünschte Veränderungen, die mit einer Digitalisierung und konkreten Maßnahmen erreicht werden können. Die Auswahl der Technologie folgt in den meisten Fällen erst, wenn diese Punkte […]

What Amazon’s arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to change

Amazon’s upcoming arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to stir the two countries’ commerce pot, making some of its ingredients obsolete and adding some new flavours to it. But what will all this change, practically, for users and especially for all the professionals involved in the commerce of goods, be it online or physical stores? Overview of this significant evolution and of the opportunities it presents to brands and distributors.

CES 2020’s most bizarre and useless gizmos

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show, aka CES, takes place in Las Vegas, offering tech companies a stage to present their vision of the future. Between prototypes of future revolutionary products and new technologies that ambition to change our lives, the showcase is also an opportunity for the public to discover gadgets of much more debatable interest! Here is a sample of these unusual and weird products.

Emakina laptops support HackYourFuture Belgium

Created in Amsterdam in 2015, HackYourFuture is a training program that empowers refugees and migrants through a 6-month Developer course. Emakina donated 15 HP and 10 MacBook Air laptops to help HackYourFuture achieve its 2020 objective: offering 90 additional students the possibility to follow the cursus.

Automation and guaranteed income: towards a brighter future for all?

On the same topic, read also: Does work have a future? Historically, discussions around automation, i.e. the replacement of man by machine in production lines, and minimum income have been closely linked. Today, more and more technology giants, probably aware of the inexorable impact of their business models on the substitution of employees by robots, […]

Emakina’s Leon Jacobs: advertising ruined social media

Emakina’s Leon Jacobs says advertising is killing social media but can save it. And all of us. With the right design questions, brands can use social media channels to help wire together brains to improve the lives of people around the world.

Top Salesforce Service Cloud expert joins Emakina

Emakina further increases its capacity to serve the Dutch and European service market by expanding its Salesforce Service Cloud offering. With the addition of experienced Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Nathalie Galfrascoli to our team, this confirms our strong leadership in Salesforce Service Cloud implementations.

Emakina Delivers New Website for Wildlife Park Pairi Daiza

Last May, renowned Belgian wildlife park Pairi Daiza presented its new website, developed by Emakina. In about three months, our teams designed immersive webpages presenting the park’s various biospheres, points of interest and practical information, within seamless and efficient navigation. Built on Drupal 8, the platform offers Pairi Daiza the possibility to implement content, alongside […]

Ceci n’est pas une sci-fi: these futurists had 20/20 foresight

The most accurate and avant-garde visions of the future are not exclusive to sci-fi authors; they sometimes come from the minds of people who seem blessed with the power of foresight. Engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists and others have played the futurists’ game: trying to realistically foresee what the world of ‘tomorrow’ will be like.

Emakina VR Experience at Stereopsia

For the first time since its inaugural edition in 2009, the 3D/XR/AI event Stereopsia will feature an Emakina exhibition! Visitors will have the opportunity to try out one of Emakina’s VR experiences from the 5th to the 7th of December at Bozar in Brussels. Immerse yourself in a magical rainforest Picture yourself in a rainforest, […]

3 New Entities Join the Emakina Group

2018 has definitely not been an idle year for the Emakina Group: three new entities have already extended the group’s reach, as Emakina.RS, Emakina.PL and Emakina.AE further strengthen Emakina’s position on the global market, after The Reference’s early 2018 acquisition of New York based agency Karbyn. The Emakina village keeps on growing! Emakina.RS was born […]

Emakina Wins 3 AVA Awards for AR and Video Projects

Emakina adds three more awards to its list of international recognitions. This time the triple win occurred at the AVA Digital Awards, an international competition honouring digital excellence strategy, branding and creativity, with entries from across the world. The AVA jury gave a Platinum Award to the Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘On your wrist’ experience, crowning it ‘Best […]

4 Trends from the UBA Trends Day

Anna attended the UBA Trends Day 2018 in Brussels and wrote about 4 trends that marketeers should keep in mind. #1: Falling trust in media Users trust media less and less, that is why it is crucial to find solutions that build trust towards your brand. For example, teaming up with social influencers for a […]

FoodBanks: Apples Feeding the Solidarity

FoodBanks is the Belgian federation of, well, food banks, which collect and distribute food for the needy in Belgium. For its 30th anniversary, the NGO wanted to relaunch its brand, in order to gain attention in the media and generate funds. The dedicated campaign website page created by Emakina shows a fresh and tasteful message, […]

Emakina.BE Welcomes 3 New Talents

Emakina.BE is glad to welcome three new talents! Want to meet them? Here they are! Rachel, Kevin & Anna. Anna Boroshok, Digital Strategist Anna joins as a Digital Strategist in our Digital Marketing team. Digital marketing has been Anna’s passion (obsession!?) for over 7 years and, while she insists she is NOT a nerd, she […]

Digital Proust Questionnaire: All Articles

For those of you who enjoy this series of articles featuring Emakina Group’s Managing Directors, and want to discover the people behind the function, we gathered them all here! Enjoy the read! The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlour game popularized by Marcel Proust. The French essayist and novelist believed that, in answering […]

The Reference’s Isabel Donvil: ‘The most important question is how to stay relevant’

Isabel Donvil recently accepted to lead digital agency the Reference as its sole MD. The innovative Emakina Group agency with offices in Ghent, Antwerp and New York is looking confidently to the future, journalist Myrte De Decker discovered when interviewing Isabel. Here are some extracts of the original article (in Dutch) in Belgium’s leading business […]

NFTs 101 : Talking crypto, minting and early adopters

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are suddenly everywhere. Everyone’s trying to get their heads around this new phenomenon. Because why would people spend millions of dollars on ‘digital collectibles’ that can often be viewed for free ? From breeding NFT cats on CryptoKitties to racing with NFT horses on ZED.RUN to trading artwork on NFT marketplaces – the world has found […]

Emakina Wins Dutch Interactive Award for B2B Commerce with Bugaboo

Amsterdam, NL – May. 20, 2021 – Emakina, the global digital agency, is proud to announce it has been named Silver winner at the DIA Awards in the B2B commerce Bugaboo client case. Since 2021, the DIA Awards entrants have spanned the spectrum with the most innovative Dutch companies and recognizable global brands. At Emakina, […]

Reboot and build a better world

Reboot (/riːˈbuːt/ verb – restart or revive (a process or sequence); give fresh impetus to) The global consequences of Covid-19 on our civilisation are profound, both geographically and in the way the pandemic has impacted – even revolutionised – various aspects of daily life. From consumer habits to family interactions, from the way we work […]

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