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4 trends from the UBA Trends Day

Anna attended the UBA Trends Day 2018 in Brussels and wrote about 4 trends that marketeers should keep in mind. #1: Falling trust in media Users trust media less and less, that is why it is crucial to find solutions that build trust towards your brand. For example, teaming up with social influencers for a […]

FoodBanks: apples feeding the solidarity

FoodBanks is the Belgian federation of, well, food banks, which collect and distribute food for the needy in Belgium. For its 30th anniversary, the NGO wanted to relaunch its brand, in order to gain attention in the media and generate funds. The dedicated campaign website page created by Emakina shows a fresh and tasteful message, […]

Bruno Liesse joins Emakina / Insights & Consulting

Former head of Carat and deepblue Bruno Liesse left his functions last January, leaving his future intentions open. But now his course is set: he joins Emakina / Insights & Consulting, as Senior Consultant. His new function takes himin a new direction, away from the typical media topics and his responsibilities at Carat, carrying him […]

‘Our cryptocurrency mining policy: free content, no ads!’

There has been a lot of change in the world of online advertising in the last few months: some agencies might be screaming about the injustice of a universe that doesn’t care enough about their business plans (should it?), but others see it as an opportunity to revolutionise the way websites make money from the […]

Digital Proust Questionnaire #11: Pierre Pôlet

Emakina Group has rapidly grown in recent years, in part thanks to our managing directors leading the way. But who are these MDs, besides leaders in digital, creative and business growth? Let’s sneak a peak inside their heads with this new series: Emakina’s Digital Proust questionnaires! The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlour game […]

Will blockchain technology save the world?

The Internet is a fantastic protocol that has lead the way to the advent of the Web, emails, mobile applications, etc. But a new platform is rising! Blockchain technology, better known as the technology behind the digital currency that has been making the news for a few months: the bitcoin. Not only are bitcoins and […]

Les commerçants doivent se réapproprier les fondamentaux de leur métier

Pour la 4e édition de l’ObsConso nous nous sommes intéressés à la fidélité des consommateurs français vis à vis des marques et enseignes. Quand le digital fait que vous concurrents ne sont qu’à un clic de souris, il est facile d’aller voir ailleurs et les occasions d’être soumis à la tentation ne manquent pas. Nous […]

In-store analytics : perspectives pour les retailers et panorama des solutions

Encore une expression d’apparence barbare qui pourtant vous veut du bien, l’In-store Analytics est au magasin ce que le web analytics est à votre site internet, un ensemble d’outils de mesure et pilotage dont vous ne pourrez bientôt plus vous passer. Vers une meilleure connaissance du client en magasin Les données clients en magasin, cela […]

L”#OBSCONSO a son site et demain on parle d’économie de l’abonnement !

En janvier nous vous annoncions la sortie de l’observatoire des comportements de consommation, #OBSCONSO pour les intimes. Pour la première édition nous avions parlé des comportements d’achat en période “tendue”, Noël et soldes. En février des achats à forte valeur émotionnelle ou pécuniaire. Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que l’#OBSCONSO a désormais un […]

WittyCommerce joins the Emakina Group

This new acquisition allows Emakina to further strengthen its position in Turkey:  digital agencyWittyCommerce, based in Izmir and Istanbul, is an e-commerce expert with an excellent track record in engineering solutions and IT services. Emakina Group has acquired 100% of the shares of WittyCommerce, through its Turkish subsidiary Emakina.TR, located in Izmir. WittyCommerce already was […]

Making a splash in the sailing industry for Sailsense Analytics

Hitting deadlines faster than a speedboat, Emakina worked its magic for recent startup Sailsense Analytics. The innovative company is bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to boat owners, renters and insurers. Founded by two passionate seafarers with a knowledge of analytics technology, Sailsense is bringing the nautical sector into the 21st century and the era […]

Emakina.BE welcomes three new talents

Emakina.BE is glad to welcome three new talents! Want to meet them? Here they are! Rachel, Kevin & Anna. Anna Boroshok, Digital Strategist Anna joins as a Digital Strategist in our Digital Marketing team. Digital marketing has been Anna’s passion (obsession!?) for over 7 years and, while she insists she is NOT a nerd, she […]

Emakina & Jaeger-LeCoultre win ‘Best of Web’ Innovation award

Emakina and luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre took home the prestigious ‘2017 Best of Web’ Innovation Award with the ‘On Your Wrist’ AR project. The jury presented Emakina the famous innovation Cube during a gala event in Lausanne. It praised the link between physical and digital as a means to bring an exciting new experience to life that […]

W3 Awards: Emakina wins two ‘best in Show’ and one ‘Gold’

The AIVA (Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts) announced the winners of its 12th annual W3 Awards. Emakina scores very well in this select club, with 17 honours in total, reaping one Gold and two ‘Best in Show’ awards. Out of over 5,000 entries from across the world, the W3 Awards picked the best projects in […]

La réalité augmentée au service des retailers

Selon une étude du cabinet américain Retail Perceptions, 61% des clients aux Etats-Unis préfèrent faire leurs achats dans des magasins qui proposent une expérience de réalité augmentée. Rappelons que l’un des freins principaux à la transformation du trafic en acte d’achat est l’incertitude que le produit soit adapté à mon besoin spécifique. Que donnera t-il […]

E-commerce et expérience client B2B : l’urgence d’accélérer

Mais pourquoi donc lorsqu’il s’agit de commander auprès d’un fournisseur, l’expérience client se retrouve t-elle ramenée à l’âge de pierre avec un catalogue pdf (tout juste si les prix sont inclus) et un numéro de fax pour passer commande ? Que s’est t-il donc passé ou pas passé pour en être quasiment toujours au même point […]

Comprendre le commerce unifié

Depuis une petite paire d’années, l’expression « commerce unifié » a fait du chemin.  Mais qu’est-ce précisément que le commerce unifié ? une nouvelle organisation internationale ?  une nouvelle norme ? ou plutôt une nouvelle façon de penser et de faire du commerce « orientée client » ? Si la réponse est facile, êtes-vous certains de bien comprendre ce qui se joue derrière […]

Ne donnez pas tout de suite une tablette à votre “vendeur augmenté”

Le vendeur augmenté est le nouveau concept à la mode. Les exemples et tests se multiplient : demain, un vendeur sera avec sa tablette en rayon ou ne sera pas ! Sans quoi, il n’a absolument aucune chance face au client — cette omnisciente diva armée d’un smartphone —  qui peut à tout moment dégainer […]

Welcome to the Age of Augmented Intelligence

If you believe what you read in endless articles by self-proclaimed experts on tomorrow’s world, artificial intelligence and big data will soon order every aspect of our lives. This will either be the salvation of the human race, or its downfall. Don’t look to me to relativise the importance of AI and big data in […]

Emakina announces 2017 financial results

Did you know that Emakina Group is listed on Euronext GROWTH Brussels? This is coherent with the group’s ambition to expand its competences, service offering, and reach. And it helps to support external and organic growth. As a listed company, Emakina has to maintain the discipline to publish more information on a regular basis. This […]

Former Groupon Belgium MD joins Emakina.BE as Client Service Director

Emakina reinforces its digital marketing team in Brussels with the talent of Kevin van den Bosch. The new Client Service Director adds over a decade of customer centric management experience to the talent pool, after leading a string of intense client collaborations. At Emakina he will continue on this path, focusing on teamwork, to create […]

Digital Proust Questionnaire: all articles

For those of you who enjoy this series of articles featuring Emakina Group’s Managing Directors, and want to discover the people behind the function, we gathered them all here! Enjoy the read! Nicolas Borgis (Emakina.FR) David Bredael (Emakina.BE) Anja Cappelle (The Reference) Yoldaş Ertuğrul (Emakina.TR) Gerhard Handler (Emakina.AT) Jeroen Huys (Design is Dead) Elsa Nejman […]

Emakina Group CEOs nominated for ‘Trends Manager of the Year’

The ‘Belgian CEO of the Year’ awards organised by Trends/Tendances business magazine are a ‘big deal’ in the market. Candidates are selected for their merit in managing a striking turn-around, an intensive expansion, a remarkable innovation, an excellent balance sheet, a strategic revamp, success on the stock markets, or a combination of these factors. Brice […]

Comment être mobile friendly : Application vs site mobile, quelle solution choisir ?

Maintenant que l’essentiel du trafic sur internet provient du mobile, et que le commerce sur mobile explose, il est grand temps d’essayer de répondre à cette lancinante question « ai-je besoin d’une application mobile? » L’application mobile n’est plus l’Eldorado ? Après une période d’euphorie, l’application mobile est tombée un peu en désamour. Dans les faits, les possesseurs […]

Emakina stresses the power of actionable data at Brussels Ecommerce Summit

What will the future of ecommerce hold for you? What are the latest experiences & best practices in this field? On Friday 20 April, the 5th Ecommerce Summit connects 300 attendees with 24 industry speakers. Emakina’s Arnaud Nullens and Sarah Claeys are two of the invited experts who will inspire the participants, supported by valuable input […]

Le RGDP, un système de jeu pour une véritable relation de confiance

Dans une pertinente publication à l’approche de la date fatidique du 26 mai prochain, le BCG partage toutes sortes de données qui éclairent les conditions d’une relation de confiance des entreprises, des marques, et des consommateurs autour de la data. Sans surprise, car c’est l’esprit même du Règlement, la notion de confiance ressort de façon […]

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